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Skip an important step in your monthly salon ritual with a permanent solution to hair removal with the full body laser hair in Bangalore at SkinnFit.  Save the time you spend waxing or shaving by opting for a laser hair removal treatment – a medical procedure that makes use of a focused beam of light to destroy the hair follicles by targeting them, giving you long–lasting smoothness.  

Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore –
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The process involves emission of light by a laser which gets absorbed in a pigment in our hair called melanin. The tiny sacs which are located beneath your skin, also known as the hair follicles, are remodeled because of this absorption. During the laser hair removal process, the light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair.

This absorption causes the hair follicles, which are tiny sacs located beneath the skin, to be remodeled. While the laser’s energy is converted into heat, the hair follicles get damaged which results in prevention of new hair growth or slowing of it.

The biggest benefit of full body laser hair removal in Bangalore at SkinnFit, is the fact that it ensures permanent results unlike many other temporary methods like waxing or shaving. Laser treatment targets the growth of unwanted hair by offering a long-lasting solution. The hair becomes lighter and less dense with every session and disappears eventually.

SkinnFit, a leading brand that provides full body laser hair removal in Bangalore, offers treatments done by well-trained experts and advanced equipment. This team of professional asseses your unique goals and concerns in order to create an effective treatment plan. of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals to ensure safe and effective treatments. Their team of experts will assess your individual needs and develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

Discover ever-lasting smoothness with the full body laser hair removal in Bangalore at SkinnFit. Get a convenient and long-lasting solution to hair reduction and removal to avoid the hassle of waxing and shaving. Go for a hair free future with us by booking your appointment today!

Know all about Laser Hair Reduction

A contemporary solution to get rid of hair, laser hair reduction is the most effortless way to achieve flawless skin that is soft. The technology used in this process is advanced enough to attack the hair follicles with the laser which effectively stops their growth.

While one session has effects that last over long periods, and one can notice significant reduction in hair growth; it does not a permanent solution to hair removal. Every individual requires multiple laser hair removal sessions and maintenance procedures in the future.

This procedure is non-invasive in nature and helps in significant reduction of hair growth. It entirely eliminates time-consuming procedures like plucking, shaving or waxing. Our team of experts makes use of state-of-the-art equipment to perform the full body laser hair removal at Bangalore, at SkinnFit.

The SkinnFit medspa is an excellent place for laser treatment. Dr Ruby Sachdev was very professional. Her work is simply outstanding in every way. I would without a doubt recommend laser and other procedures at SkinnFit Medspa.


Make the best choice with Laser Hair Reduction

There are times when you happen to notice unwanted hair on various body parts except for your eyelids, of which most can be subjected to the laser hair removal treatment. The commonly treated areas are the upper lip, chin, bikini line, armpits, and legs. However, it is to be noted that tattooed area cannot be treated with a laser. 

Also, factors like your skin type and the color of your hair determine the effectiveness of the laser hair removal treatment. In order to get the best results, the hair follicles must be targeted very specifically, without impacting the other areas.

The process simply states that the laser light should be absorbed by the pigment in the hair and not the skin. Hence, the best results are seen in case of individuals who have a stark contrast between the skin and hair color, for e.g.: Individuals with light skin and black hair.


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A laser hair removal treatment is an effective procedure that makes use of laser, also known as concentrated light beams, to target and inhibit the growth of hair follicles. The process begins a laser that emits a controlled beam of light which penetrates the skin and get absorbed by a pigment called melanin which is present in the hair.

The absorbed light gets converted into heat which impairs the ability of the hair follicle to produce hair and over a period, the growth of unwanted hair is prevented.

There are several new and significant advancements that have come up in recent times in the case of laser hair removal treatment and it is now deemed to be safe for all skin tones and types. The expertise of the professional performing it and the quality of the laser used determine the safety of the procedure. However, it is very important to seek guidance from a qualified professional who can examine your skin and suggest appropriate treatment. 

Typically, the process of laser hair removal involves multiple sessions as hair grows in cycles and can be targeted during the active growth phase only. The number of sessions varies from person to person and depends on factors like hair color, characteristics and the treatment are.

The treatments are usually scheduled a few weeks apart to examine and target hair during different stages of growth.  

The procedure is fairly tolerable and as per patients it is not as painful as traditional hair removal methods like plucking and waxing. Most of the lasers have built-in cooling systems that reduce discomfort while the procedure is performed. In some cases, individuals might experience temporary skin irritation or mild redness as soon as the treatment is over, but these side effects usually subside within a few hours or a day.

In conclusion the procedure is low-risk and very safe.

A flexible procedure, laser hair removal can be performed on most parts of the body with unwanted hair on it. Bikini area, back, face, legs, chest, and arms are the popularly treated for hair removal. It is also important to seek guidance from a qualified practitioner who will eventually plan your customized treatment.  


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