Body Contouring Procedure in Bangalore

Body Contouring Procedure in Bangalore – Get sculpted

Transform your body and get renewed confidence with a body contouring procedure in Bangalore at SkinnFit. The procedure also known as body sculpting, focuses on reduction of fat, reshaping your body, and enhancing the tightness of your skin. Not only does body contouring help you in achieving the body shape of your dreams but also boosts your confidence, self-esteem and overall mental health.

Body Contouring Procedure in Bangalore – Shape your dream

Skinnfit offers a lot of options for the body contouring procedure in Bangalore. Amongst most non-invasive techniques that are commonly used which use lasers, heat, cold and other methods, Lipolysis is found to be very effective. These procedures are comparatively less invasive than most surgical procedures and have a shorter recovery time. Specific excess fat storing areas of the body are targeted with Lipolysis, which helps you achieve a contoured look.

But just in case you are looking for very profound results, other surgical methods are more suitable to your requirements. Tummy tucks, liposuction and breast lifts are diverse surgical procedures that are performed the most during a body contouring procedure in Bangalore at SkinnFit. The mentioned surgical methods involve a high number of risks and have far longer recovery periods, but the fat reduction and body contouring results are astounding.

It’s extremely important to consult an experienced plastic surgeon before you opt for a body contouring procedure in Bangalore, as there can be potential misinformation that you could have access to. An experienced professional will examine your medical history and future goals and eventually suggest a suitable procedure for your needs. Educating yourself about the procedure is equally important, be it the risks or the benefits, which is why a genuine source of information really matters.

So, whether you seek surgical or non-surgical help for body contouring it is important to make the right choice when it comes to the right facility and the right professional for your own safety. SkinnFit ensures your safety while fulfilling your desire of getting your dream body by offering the best body contouring procedure in Bangalore.

Reshape your body, renew your confidence

The body contouring procedure in Bangalore at SkinnFit supports individuals in renewing their confidence and reshaping their bodies. The term – Body Contouring is a comprehensive term which has diverse aesthetic procedures that help in reshaping and sculpting the body. Almost all the areas of the body that store fat can use body contouring for fat removal and contouring.

The primary objective of the body contouring procedure in Bangalore at SkinnFit is to reshape and sculpt one’s body after the weight reduction procedure takes place. In most cases, a person might be left with stubborn areas of fat areas and excess skin that cannot be tackled with exercise and diet alone. Concerns like reduction of extra fat, excess and reshaping certain areas of the body are efficiently addressed with body contouring procedure in Bangalore at SkinnFit. 

However, it is crucial to note that procedures like body contouring do not help you lose weight, they focus on areas of body where the reduction of fat is not satisfactory or ineffective. The body contouring procedure in Bangalore at SkinnFit helps you in enhancing your weight loss efforts with visible results.

There are several medical professionals and facilities who have specialization in the body contouring procedure in Bangalore. They have the expertise to suggest suitable treatment as per every individual’s needs and help them in regaining the confidence and giving the best possible results.

Dr Ruby Sachdev helps you with solution which is sustainable and relevant for my body. The clinic is spic and span and her therapist is very gentle and communicative. Totally recommend her clinic. Infact the laser machine at Dr Ruby Sachdev’s clinic is one of the best I have experienced.

Priyanka Bhatnagar

How should you prepare for Body Contouring?

In order to get ready for the body contouring procedure, you will need to:

  • Get a medical clearance from your primary physician.
  • Get a blood test.
  • Make adjustments in your medication or include specific drugs if necessary.
  • Quit smoking well in advance of the surgical procedures.
  • Do not consume aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication, any herbal supplements, and various other substances that may cause bleeding.

It is important to check the facility where the procedure is going to be conducted. The facility should have an office, certified ambulance service or a hospital in that case. It is also important to have proper transport facilities and a person to accompany you if the treatment is done on an outpatient basis.


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The recovery process after the procedure can be different and depend on the specific type of body contouring procedure that is performed. In most cases, there may be mild swelling, discomfort, and bruising. Usually, patients are advised to take some rest and avoid heavy physical activities for a brief period. But the timeline and the restrictions will eventually depend on the type of procedure performed and an individual’s healing process.

Absolutely, the primary goal of certain procedures such as a thigh lift or tummy tuck is to tackle loose or excessive skin that is often left back after a significant weight loss. There are several factors that determine the effectiveness of these procedures like the amount of weight that is lost, areas of concern, and types of surgical techniques that were used.

CoolSculpting and radiofrequency treatments can give skin tightening effects and moderate fat reduction. These procedures do not require much time for recovery but on the other the results observed are not as significant. The results of surgical procedures a lot more dramatic as compared to non-surgical procedures.

Indeed, combining different body contouring procedures for a complete transformation is possible. There are various benefits to this which include –  less recovery time as compared to having separate surgeries and the ability to address a balanced outcome by targeting multiple areas of your body, all at once.

Usually, there is no strict age restriction for body contouring procedures. But candidates are examined, based on their goals, health and expectations from the procedures. An ideal candidate usually has good health overall, is in proximity of their healthy body weight, and has feasible goals in regard to results of the procedures.


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