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PRP Treatment in Bangalore -
Re-Energize your hair

The struggle with thin hair has been long enough, hasn’t it? It’s now time to speed up the process with Platelet-Rich Plasma – PRP treatment in Bangalore at SkinnFit. Make the dream of having thick, healthy and long hair a reality with scientifically proven treatments. Maintain the mane of your dreams with SkinnFit, a leading skin & hair clinic which offers PRP treatment in Bangalore along with other helpful procedures.

PRP Treatment in Bangalore - A journey to achieving luscious locks

Our team of experts performing the PRP treatment in Bangalore at Skinnfit is aware of the struggles and irritation that is faced because of thinning hair. They make sure that they provide solutions that are supported with scientific claims and their rich experience. The PRP treatment in Bangalore at SkinnFit has been effective in stimulating hair growth and improving the overall quality of hair.

So, let us see how the PRP treatment works – The extraction process of the Platelet-Rich Plasma begins with the extraction of blood from any part of the body and processing the same to get concentrated platelets. The concentrated platelets are saturated with factors that promote the growth of hair when injected into the scalp. This treatment is completely safe and not too invasive, which makes it a top choice among people who seek a non-surgical treatment for their hair loss problems.

When you make a choice between PRP and Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy, it is important to consider the testimonials of the individuals who have previously gone through the treatments. Our PRP treatment in Bangalore at SkinnFit has been proven beneficial for all our clients who have achieved healthier and thicker hair. The team at Skinnfit will examine your scalp needs and eventually recommend a suitable treatment option for optimal results.

So, make sure that thinning hair is not a reason to feel underconfident and less attractive. Discover the potential of PRP treatment in Bangalore at SkinnFit to achieve the healthiest scalp and hair that you have always dreamt of. The team of our experts will take you through the process and fuel your confidence in getting your mane back to being healthy. Get your consultation today and start on the path to achieving fuller and thicker hair.

What exactly is a PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment, which is also known as Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is a remarkable innovation in the sector of hair growth and restoration. In this therapy, the body utilizes its own enriched plasma extracted from the blood to enhance the growth and production of hair follicles. This makes it an ideal and safe option for people seeking help for hair loss.

The PRP treatment has been popular in the recent times and has been one of the most effective treatment options to aid hair growth in just a couple of sessions. With the enhancement of the stem cells levels as well as the collagen levels, the PRP treatment ensures hair growth happens in a conducive environment.

So, if you are willing to get started on a self-care journey, the PRP treatment in Bangalore at Skinnfit is a good departure point.

The PRP treatment in Bangalore is a sought-after treatment at the infamous SkinnFit. With the best equipment, facility and experienced professionals, SkinnFit offers a tailor-made solution for your specific hair concerns. The experts from the SkinnFit team make sure that every patient is taken care of in the best possible way to get great results.

During the PRP treatment in Bangalore at SkinnFit, the experts do a thorough assessment of your medical history and identify the areas of hair loss. After that they draw a small amount of blood from any body part of the patient and get it separated through centrifugation to achieve the platelet-rich plasma. Plasma is injected into the scalp, where it stimulates the dormant hair follicles which promotes new hair growth.

The procedure is not harshly invasive and is known to be virtually painless, with barely any need for a recovery period.

Thereafter, visible improvements become apparent around three to four weeks after receiving PRP for hair loss and by this time, the initial discomfort & swelling in the scalp subsides completely. The need for required sessions depends on the goals of different individuals.

So, if you are looking for an effective and non-invasive solution, PRP Treatment in Bangalore at SkinnFit is the right choice for you.

I had the pleasure of receiving a GFC treatment from Dr Ruby Sachdev, and I must say it was truly amazing! Dr Ruby Sachdev’s expertise and care shone through every step of the process. The treatment was not only effective but also incredibly relaxing. I felt like I was in capable hands from start to finish. Dr Ruby Sachdev’s attention to detail and personalized approach made all the difference. I can confidently recommend Dr Ruby Sachdev to anyone seeking a top-notch GFC treatment.

Amy Singson

Unveiling the miracle: The magic behind
PRP Therapy

The PRP treatment is most suited for people who suffer from hair loss or hair thinning and there are various benefits from the Platelet Rich Plasm treatment. 

While the hair loss is more common in men, PRP is also proven to be beneficial when it comes to female hair loss as well since does not have gender-specific concerns.

Men or women who experience baldness, which is usually called alopecia, find PRP as a very safe and effective solution. It also helps in correcting hair loss which is caused by factors like lack of nutrition, change in water and weather, stress, lifestyle, and extreme usage of chemicals.

However, it should be noted that PRP does not reverse balding but helps in potential regrowth of hair. People who suffer from absolute baldness are not ideal candidates for the PRP therapy. Another advantage of this therapy is you can get back to doing daily activities in no time.


Hair Fall Treatment in BangaloreWomen Hair Transformation after PRP Treatment


PRP-GFC therapy is a combination of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) for hair regrowth and enhanced hair health. PRP is performed by taking a sample of your blood, centrifuging it to get concentrate platelets, and then combining it with Growth Factor Concentrate. These platelets and growth factors to regenerate cells and repair tissues in the scalp to promote hair growth.

PRP-GFC therapy is useful for people who experience hair loss at young age, hair thinning, or hair loss which is caused by various factors like hormonal changes, genetics, or medical conditions. It happens to be extremely effective for those who are in the initial stages of hair loss or people with weakened hair follicles.

PRP-GFC therapy sessions can be performed in different frequencies as it truly depends on the extent of hair loss and various factors. Usually, people get multiple sessions which take place in intervals across several weeks. Some people might see an improvement in the first session itself, while others may require multiple sessions to observe substantial results. However, it takes month to see proper hair growth.

PRP-GFC therapy is usually considered as a safe procedure as it makes use of components from your body and all sources that are natural. There are very minor side effects which can get resolved within a day or two like – redness, tenderness at injection spots or swelling. The therapy does not require much time for rest and recovery, most people can resume their daily activities.

Yes, PRP-GFC therapy can be used in combination along with other procedures for hair growth like low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or the application of topical minoxidil to speed up results. The combination of different procedures can in fact tackle various concerns at the same time for better results. Although it is better to consult a healthcare professional for their opinion of these combinations.


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